For a small town, Carcross has a lot going on. You just might not know about it. Yet. Let us give you a hand with that. Here’s the lowdown on Carcross.


Discover all the best places and things to do in Carcross, as told by locals.

Weekend Hammerfest

If you are headed to Carcross for the weekend, here’s what local bike shop owner and avid cyclist Jonah Clark recommends you ride if you want to cover the most ground – and suffer a bit too.

JONAH CLARK, Icycle Sports
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Greatest for Grommets

Montana Mountain is really is a “family” mountain with options for all levels and interests. Here’s the best run according to Owen Hogan, one member of the local kid’s posse.

I like them because they're mostly downhill and have jumps and stuff..

Owen Hogan
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Dee's Loop

Deanna Conlon’s place is right at the bottom of the Montana Mountain trails. It’s a regular stop for folks looking for directions or a shuttle to the top. And her deck overlooking Bennett Lake is a popular place...

I love riding on Montana Mountain.

Deanna Conlon
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