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Deanna Conlon’s place is right at the bottom of the Montana Mountain trails. It’s a regular stop for folks looking for directions or a shuttle to the top. And her deck overlooking Bennett Lake is a popular place for riders to hang out and relax at the end of the day. Here’s Dee’s favourite loop on the Montana Mountain trails.

I love riding Mountana Mountain...

Deanna Conlon


1. Get a shuttle up to the top of Lower Telegraph and descend to Holey Roads.

2. Ride out on Caribou to Goat.

3. Link on to Wolf and ride down to Black Bear.

4. Turn right on Black Bear and ride out to AKDNR.

5. Finish on Mossy Trail.

The Scoop

Shuttle etiquette – Lots of people shuttle up Montana Mountain. There are some companies, such as Boréale Explorers, who can sometimes give you a ride up. If you have your own vehicle, make sure it has good clearance if you plan on driving all the way to the top. Watch your speed on the road at all times.

Dogs – Dogs are welcome on Montana Mountain and lots of people bring them when they ride. Dee’s dog Tinker is a regular fixture on the trails. Dogs are a great way to help keep the bears away. Just make sure your pooch is under control and not going to get in the way of other riders.

The bridge – When crossing over the Nares River to the base of the trails, use the footbridge, not the train bridge. As cool as it is to ride over the train bridge, it’s kind of dangerous and White Pass would prefer you to stick to the designated pedestrian routes.

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