Owen's Recommendation

You don’t have to be an expert to ride Montana Mountain. It really is a “family” mountain with options for all levels and interests. There are lots of easy trails on the lower mountain. Some of the best beginner trails like Grouse and Rabbit, can be access from the lower parking lot. You can do a short ride up Dei Kwáan or shuttle up to Dog, Caribou or top of Maggie’s Run. Here’s the best run according to one member of the local kid’s posse – Owen Hogan.

I like them because they're mostly downhill and have jumps and stuff...

Owen Hogan


1. Get a shuttle up to the top of Lower Telegraph and descend to Maggie’s Run.
2. Ride Maggie’s Run to Sporting Wood.
3. Take Sporting Wood to Caribou.
4. Ride Caribou and descend when you hit Dei Kwáan.
5. Ride Dei Kwáan to Sam McGee’s.
6. Descend Sam McGee’s and take the connector to AKDNR.
7. Ride AKDNR to Mossy Trail, then down to the Carcross Commons for ice cream.

The Scoop

Snacks – If you need to entice your little riders with treats, be sure to load up on candy at the Matthew Watson store or baked goods from the Chilkoot Bakery or Caribou Coffee.

Shuttles – Lots of people shuttle up Montana Mountain. Be sure you have a vehicle with good clearance if you plan on driving all the way to the top. Watch your speed on the road at all times.

Uptrack etiquette – Dei Kwáan is the main uptrack on the mountain, but lots of people use it to connect trails on their descent. If you do ride up with little ones, keep an eye out for people coming down. Most of the time there are good sight lines and people are very good at slowing down and sharing the trail. But it’s good to stay alert.

Check it out

Scoop’em Jim’s Ice Cream and Gelato

Matthew Watson General Store

The Dunes