Wind is a defining feature of Carcross. The name the Carcross-Tagish First Nation people have for the area is “Todezaane” which means “blowing all the time”.

“The kiting on Bennett is awesome in so many ways.  The fact that I can walk out from my property to the beach and be kiting by myself surrounded by beautiful snow-top mountains is so special.  The smooth wind that blows from the south, the shallow water and the small crowds that kite on Bennett make it one of my favourite places.”   

Kerri Rutherford Carcross local kiteboarder

It’s the wind that creates the extensive sand dunes around the community. And it is also the wind that makes Carcross a fantastic location for kiting.
Keri Rutherford is one of Carcross’s local kiteboarders. 

The Scoop

Access – The best place to launch your kite is at the “V”, about 200 metres north of the viewing platform at the beach where the wind line is more consistent. You can also drive down a dirt road located about 2 kms north of Carcross on the South Klondike Highway across from the Carcross Desert pullout. This will take you down to the Watson River. High clearance required.

Safety – Kiting on Bennett is not for beginners. Make sure you know how to use your gear and it is in good working order. It is an on-shore wind so make sure you know what you are doing and look out for other kiters.

Wind monitoring - There is no wind monitoring station on Bennett Lake. If you want to know what the wind is doing before you head out to Carcross, you’ll have to call a local.

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