The Crew's Recommendation

The kids on the S2S crew aren’t just becoming great trail builders. They are turning into pretty great mountain bikers as well. When they finish a trail, they are the first to ride it to test it out. Here’s their take on the best trails on Montana Mountain.

I like all the technical stuff and the drops...

Trail Crew

The Scoop

The bikes – Most of the kids on the trail crew don’t have their own mountain bikes. You are more likely to see them doing tricks on their BMX bikes around town. But the S2S program has some old mountain bikes for the crew kids and –although they definitely are showing their age – local bike shops like Icycle Sport pitch in and keep them running.

The new normal – Most of the kids on the trail crew are in their mid to late teens. Since the Singletrack to Success program started over 10 years ago, it means that for some of them, they have grown up seeing bikes and bikers in their tiny town. For the younger members of the crew, it’s a new “normal” and bikes are now part of the community fabric. It definitely comes across in the skills these kids are developing.

Check in with the Crew – If you are looking to meet the S2S crew, keep an eye for them at either the beginning or the end of the day down behind the Carcross Commons. Their storage shed is in the big gazebo near the playground.

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