Jonah's Recommendation

If you are headed to Carcross for the weekend, here are the trails local bike shop owner and avid cyclist Jonah Clark recommends you ride if you want to cover the most ground, get some of the best views, and suffer a bit too.

Epic day with some of the most amazing views in the Yukon.



1. Ride up to Nares View and descend to Caribou.
2. Turn left and ride back out to the uptrack or road and climb to the top of McDonald Creek. 
3. Descend to Wayne’s World and ride back to Carcross.
4. Ride up Mountain Hero and descend to the Klondike Highway, then ride back to Carcross.

The Scoop

Places to stay – There are very few options if you want to stay overnight in Carcross. There are two campgrounds: one in Carcross by the airstrip and one at Conrad at the end of the Mountain Hero trail. There are also a few cabins available for rent through the Chilkoot Bakery in Carcross.

Things to bring – These are all long, remote trails. Be prepared for everything, including a long hike out. Bring warm clothes, water, food, a first aid kit and bike repair gear. And don’t forget your bear spray.

Respect wildlife – Some of these areas, particularly in the alpine are important wildlife habitat so you should avoid disturbing any animals you might see. In particular, the upper part of Mountain Hero is critical habitat in the late fall for the Southern Lakes Caribou herd. Please respect any posted information about wildlife in the area when you are out riding.

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Carcross Campground

Stone Houses