Skookum Jim helped define the Yukon in several ways.

He got his nickname “Skookum Jim” while working as a packer on the Chilkoot Trail. In the late 1800s, He assisted William Ogilvie’s in his explorations of the southern Yukon. 

He helped find the route for the White Pass railway from the Alaska coast to the Yukon’s interior. But perhaps his most significant achievement was discovering gold in 1896 and starting the Klondike Gold Rush that forged the new territory. When he died in 1916, his fortune was put into a trust to be used to help improve health and education for Yukon First Nation people. The Skookum Jim Friendship Centre was established in Whitehorse in 1960 from Skookum Jim’s trust. It continues to offer programs and services for Yukon First Nation people.

Skookum Jim’s house, now located in the Carcross Commons, was built in 1899. After Skookum Jim died, Johnny Johns purchased the house for the Wolf (Daklaweidi) People. The renovated house is now home to Parks Canada’s Chilkoot Trail visitor centre.

Points of Interest

Totem Poles

Totem poles have deep meaning to the Carcross Tagish people, representing clan stories and accomplishments. The Carcross Tagish carving program started in 2006...

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Carcross Commons

This is the commercial centre built by the Carcross Tagish First Nation. The buildings are painted with the clan crests. A large playground was built in 2016 and each year the commons...

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Scoop’em Jim’s Ice Cream and Gelato

Okay, we shouldn’t play favorites, but we will... Carcross has plenty of great ice cream shops (there are four different ice cream stores in this tiny town), but the top of the heap according to the local kids is Scoop’em Jim’s. It serves dozens of delicious gelato, sorbet and ice cream flavours. And they have one of the best names ever.

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